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Do people still say extra? Like, stop being so extra. Or are we just doing TikTok dances instead of language now? (but what do I know, really, dancing is more fun).

Anyway, I mean extra every which way you can mean it: with Rewards For Walking, if you get serious about it, you’ll start to look extra, feel extra, and get an Extra debit card.

The Extra Debit Card allows you to do something revolutionary—build your credit. That’s right: if you get an Extra card, you can do everything a credit card can do, like earn rewards and improve your credit score!

For too long, people have been kept out of being in control of their own financial future, either because of an early mistake or long shot odds… and bad credit (or no credit) can make it nearly impossible to get a good job, or a new car, or a house, or a loan, and if you already knew that, then you know how special Extra is.

Use it like a debit card, build credit like a credit card, get closer to the future you really want.

Next time you cash out, trying being Extra!

Dan Gallo

How you get one

Next time you cash out, select the offer from Extra and cash out!

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Another Tip: Go to bed!

If you’re over the age of 24, you need to go to bed right now. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night does all kinds of good things for your body – and it makes it easier to stick to your exercise goals, too!