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Extra Debit Card

The Extra Debit Card allows you to do something revolutionary—build your credit. That’s right: if you get an Extra card, you can do everything a credit card can do, like earn rewards and improve your credit score!

For too long, people have been kept out of being in control of their own financial future, either because of an early mistake or long shot odds… and bad credit (or no credit) can make it nearly impossible to get a good job, or a new car, or a house, or a loan, and if you already knew that, then you know how special Extra is.

Use it like a debit card, build credit like a credit card, get closer to the future you really want.

HOW TO GET IT: To claim this offer you must sign up with valid information and fund the first month’s membership.


GoHenry is an app that helps teach your kids about financial responsibility and helps them build healthy financial habits—like how to budget, save, and even invest. The best part is, it comes with a customizable debit card. This way, when they want to spend their allowance, not only does it reward them by giving them their own card to be responsible with, but it also shows them the ropes at the register—and you can’t put a price on that kind of learning.

HOW TO GET IT: To claim this offer you must create an account using valid information.


Greenlight is another app that helps teach your kids about financial responsibility. It also comes with a custom debit card. But with Greenlight, you deposit their allowance and chore money into their account, and then you can monitor every transaction from your computer or mobile device. They get the freedom to use their money how they want, you still get peace of mind and a thousand teachable moments.

HOW TO GET IT: To claim this offer you must open a new account and link it to a valid bank account.

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