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I spent most of last summer going to upstate New York to help my mother get her house ready for market so she could downsize and settle into her new assisted living condo.

It was nice seeing my brothers and sisters and all the nieces and nephews after so many years apart. We were up there almost every weekend cleaning, painting, moving, and arguing over what gets thrown out and what gets saved…

In short, we did it all, baby. And it was a lot.

Anyway: This is a story about how I saved my Mom $7600 by selling her house through And where did I hear about On Rewards For Walking, if you can believe that.

That’s pretty much the whole story actually. But still, managed to find me a good local realtor, Kim, up in rural Warwick County, NY. She sold my Mother’s house in a couple weeks—and only charged her 4% in closing costs and fees! (With other realtors, it’s usually 7%!).

And that’s the story of how I saved my Mom $7600 with (and Rewards For Walking).

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: Rewards For Walking can do so much more than just pay you a penny per calorie you burn.

Next time you cash out, take a look around—you could be saving thousands!

Dan Gallo

A full dumpster (there were 2 more, eventually).

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