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Back in January I added an advertising sponsor to Rewards For Walking called Stop Watt.

(What’s a Stop Watt? It’s a current regulator for your home’s electricity).

Stop Watt says that 45 days after you plug the unit(s) into an outlet, your home electric bill will drop by up to 40-47%.

So… I used my Stop Watt units for only 3 weeks – and my utility bill for February was $209 lower than last year! (Even though it was on average 4 degrees colder this year)…

One month later, my energy usage is down over 38%, and even with a 25% increase in cost per KW Hour, I should rack up a few hundred dollars more in savings each month!

This is why I tell everybody: when you use Rewards For Walking, it’s so much more than just earning 1 cent per calorie – you could be saving hundreds of dollars a month – every month!

Next time you cash out do yourself a favor and get a Stop Watt so you can, you know, save hundreds of dollars a month on your electricity bill!

Dan Gallo

PS – Remember, our cash back offers are always changing, so if you see something you like, get it before it’s gone!

How you get one

Next time you cash out, select the Stop Watt offer and cash out!

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